The Advantages

Benefits for customers

Have you ever had a bad experience buying a car? The Sales Index wants to upgrade the industry by improving on customer satisfaction. We want to connect customers with salespeople, develop relationships and add transparency to the industry. Customers deserve the best experience. Search for your salesperson now.

Benefits for the salesperson

Would you like more customers and more recognition? On our platform you can create a profile, build a portfolio of your customer reviews to use to improve your skills and better your career. Stand out and get found on our search engine and gain more customers. Sign up now.

Benefits for your business

How important is customer service to your business? Our platform will help increase retention, bring new custom to your business and make your salespeople stand out. Sign up and show your employees are hardworking, honest and willing to go that extra mile. Want more information? Sign up now.


How it works

The Sales Index is an online platform that allows sales people to be reviewed based on their individual performance, instead of the brand or company they work for.

Customers can see who they’re dealing with before they’ve even started, ensuring the very best service and customer journey.

Once you’ve made a sale, simply log onto your account and request a review. Your customer will then receive an email with an authentication code. All they need to do is follow the link, enter the code and leave a review. It couldn’t be simpler.


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